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What to wear on your professional photography session!

When booking a portrait session I think it is almost always a given that the client is going to ask for suggestions on what to wear. I struggled with this question when I was first starting out. My clients would come dressed in matching outfits or in the same color head to toe.

I knew that I had to change my clients way of thinking when it came to choosing outfits for their portraits. I personally believe that is part of my job to help style a session. This gives my clients another reason to hiring me over going to a chain portrait studio. I always tell them to choose items with good color, texture (ie, knits, ruffles, denim) and accessories. I tell them to think coordinating not matching. I even go as far as offering to come to their homes and dig through their closet with them or tell them to bring a trunk full of options and we can put together outfits on location. Continue reading »

So you want to become a professional photographer!

I can’t count on my hands how many times I have heard people on the street, as well as friends and family say, wow that’s so easy, I could do that! Look how expensive this is! I could do the same thing by clicking a button and it wouldn’t cost $3000.00. Ha!

Amazingly, most people think we just shoot pictures for fun for the day and never give a second thought as to what goes on after the shoot is over to make sure those photographs are beautiful works of art. I can attest, editing usually eats up at minimum 30-40 hours a week that I am at the computer finalizing images for a client. I want you to think about the following, and I am going to use an excerpt from a photographer responding to a bride who complained on Craigslist about $3,000 for a wedding photographer, and how she couldn’t find one that was “fun, professional, took great images, and readily available for her with decent prices”. Click on the link below to read what she said. Continue reading »

What’s up with the cost of Professional Photography?

Many people are used to going into a retail chain studio, waiting for 15 minutes, having someone show them their background choices, spending 30 minutes trying to get their kids to give a genuine smile, then after the portraits are done (usually with the photographer getting frustrated with your kids not doing what they want them to do), you wait for 30 minutes, view your pictures, pick the one pose you like (which your free or promotional package is then stuck with), then you see the really good poses (you want those as well), and after it’s all said and done, you have bought $200 worth of portraits you don’t need just to get the poses you want, and usually another $30 for your sitting fee (unless you got a free promo), and if you want any custom portraiture you are spending another boatload of money! Continue reading »

What to Expect from your Newborn Photographs: Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect from your Newborn Photographs: Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know when to schedule a newborn portrait session?

It is best to let us know your due date in advance. That way, we can anticipate the baby’s birth, be on the alert and be ready to fit you in to our schedule soon after the baby is delivered. We can usually accommodate you with only a week’s notice if we are expecting to hear from you.

When is the best age to photograph a newborn baby? Continue reading »

Digital Files or Prints…Which is right?

In a world living in a digital age, it’s hard to not want a CD of all your beautiful images every time you go have your photos done. After all, we want to share them on Facebook and Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram. We are a social media society and it’s one of the fastest ways to share information!

However, these days prints are quickly becoming a thing of the past and I find that very sad myself. Not only because I am a professional photographer and I want everyone to showcase their beautiful images on the wall so everyone can see them…but because there is a dark side to only digital files that no one seems to consider these days. Continue reading »