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What to wear on your professional photography session!

Kids are much easier to work with when they are comfortable. When they are stuffed into an outfit they are not allowed to get dirty in they tend to be more anxious and are easy to frustrate. Parents in turn get frustrated because their kids are not smiling like they want them to, or misbehaving. It’s much easier to dress them in something comfortable but looks nice. I remember my mom sticking me in a turtle neck when I was a kid. I hate them to this day! They were itchy and I felt like someone was choking me. I never had a real smile in those photos when I look back now at them.


So you want to become a professional photographer!

I can’t count on my hands how many times I have heard people on the street, as well as friends and family say, wow that’s so easy, I could do that! Look how expensive this […]


What’s up with the cost of Professional Photography?

Chain Portrait Studio VS. Professional Photographer – THE VALUE ISN’T ALWAYS IN THE PRICE!


Digital Files or Prints…Which is right?

In a world living in a digital age, it’s hard to not want a CD of all your beautiful images every time you go have your photos done. After all, we want to share them […]