Wichita Wedding Photography – Kristen and Dalton

I met Kristen and Dalton as they were looking for just an engagement photographer…but after speaking with them for just a little bit I soon became their official wedding photographer as well! Kristen is a […]


Non Rules for Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Guestpost by Laura from Rebel Belle on April 22nd, 2013


Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a scary thing for photographers. I get asked many times how someone just entering the business of photography can market with a low to no budget available. Let me tell you, it’s not […]


My New Video!

Capture the Moment Photography recently made it to the 2nd round in the Intuit Giveaway for a Superbowl Commercial for 2014. I am awaiting to find out if I made it to the Semi-Finals now. […]


Retouching in Lightroom 4

Retouching is a hard part of photography post production. It’s often time consuming and difficult to learn. In Photoshop there’s an endless possibility for retouching but sometimes you just need a quick and fast workflow […]


Priest Halts Wedding Ceremony & Berates Photographer (Video)

Ask any wedding photographer and they will tell you that a wedding needs to run like a well oiled machine, which isn’t very easy to do. In order to make that happen everyone needs to be on the same page. From the guests, to the wedding party, to the vendors and the officiants, if they are all on the same plan, chances are things will go a lot smoother. This following video is a great example why, take a look:


The Rules for Parents for Family Photography

I wanted to share my top 10 “rules” or suggestions I should say for getting GREAT photo’s of kids during your photography session. No one wants to pay top dollar for amazing photo’s with kids frowning right? I know I wouldn’t want that and I bet neither do you! So without further adieu, here are my recommendations for you to get the best behavior out of your children on picture day!


The Why on What to Wear

So I thought I might continue my first blog post into a 2nd part with more explanation and tips on what to wear for your portrait sessions. Often we are told what to do, but […]


What to wear on your professional photography session!

Kids are much easier to work with when they are comfortable. When they are stuffed into an outfit they are not allowed to get dirty in they tend to be more anxious and are easy to frustrate. Parents in turn get frustrated because their kids are not smiling like they want them to, or misbehaving. It’s much easier to dress them in something comfortable but looks nice. I remember my mom sticking me in a turtle neck when I was a kid. I hate them to this day! They were itchy and I felt like someone was choking me. I never had a real smile in those photos when I look back now at them.


So you want to become a professional photographer!

I can’t count on my hands how many times I have heard people on the street, as well as friends and family say, wow that’s so easy, I could do that! Look how expensive this […]